Meet the Crew


Neith Sentis - Writer / Director

Written and Directed by Neith Sentis

Neith started her career in the Television Industry after she graduated in Broadcast Media at Lleida University and Advertising and Public Relations at UOC. She worked as a Reporter at Lleida TV in Spain, where she directed and produced the show Llanterna Digital in 2009. She also directed the documentary Understanding the Normality, broadcasted in the same local channel in 2008. She specialised in Directing with a Masters from the Northern Film School in UK, where she made the short films Trapped at Home and Ms Rose and her graduation film In the Shadow of the Mountain. Previously, she wrote and directed the short films Zoofilia and Neighbors and co-directed the documentary Tarragona's Chemical Industry.



Produced by Laura Torenbeek

Laura is a Dutch filmmaker, currently living in the UK. She started studying Audio-visual Media at the Utrecht School of the Arts, with the main focus on directing. She has currently graduated from the Northern Film School in Leeds, where she directed her own film Leaves in Fall, produced In the Shadow of the Mountain and co-produced Beyond the Blue. She has worked as a video-assistant on two feature films in the Netherlands and has done an internship at film production company The Bureau in London for three months. She has made several short films and her previous film, Paper Island, has currently completed the festival circuit and has been shown at various festivals.



Cinematography by Juan Sebastian Diaz Santaella

Juan is a Cinematographer graduated at the Northern Film School in United Kingdom, who won the Colombian Ministry of Culture’s Fund to produce the 3D animation short film, Defectuoso. The film was screened at national and international festivals and won the best digital short film award at the 12th Olympia International Film Festival for Young People in Greece in 2009. He also directed the show Soles y Vientos and the documentary series Voces de Familia for Colombian television. He worked in postproduction for the broadcasting company, RCN TV. During this time, he worked on several independent projects as a Cinematographer and Post producer. He was the Colourist for Colombian feature film Apatia, una Pelicula de Carretera, screened at festivals worldwide.


Edited by Benjamin Sayers

Ben is an Editor from Leeds who has worked with the National Health Service and local charities to produce documentaries that have been nationally screened. He studied a Masters in Filmmaking at the Northern Film School in United Kingdom were he both directed and edited many different projects using software such as Adobe Premiere and Avid. Apart from cutting the picture for In the Shadow of the Mountain, he made the short film Memories and the documentary Different Coloured Threads. He also worked as a Colourist on the short films In a Box on a Shelf and Metropolis. He joined Envy Postproduction Company in 2015 as a Postproduction Runner, where he works on multiple projects, including The Voice and Top Gear.