The Cast



Elise Solano

Elise Solano

Elise graduated from the Barcelona School of Acting, Nancy Tuñón & Jordi Oliver. At the age of ten, she started appearing in popular Catalan television series such as Nissaga de Poder and El cor de la ciutat.

When she was thirteen she starred for the first time in the television series Rosa, la Lluita. During many years of her professional career, she has lead for different short films and theatre plays. Some of the latest relevant projects she has worked on are a risky play of Microteatro por dinero and a web series where she shared the screen with renowned actors of the Catalan television industry.            







Damià Plensa

Damià graduated from the Barcelona’s acting school, Col.legi del Teatre in 1999 and since then he has participated in many specializing courses and workshops during his career. 

He has worked for worldwide renowned theatre companies such as La Fura dels Baus and for directors such as Abel Folk, Tornaz Pandur or Francisco Suárez, from many others. He has also had the opportunity to play in big theatres as La Beckett, El Teatro de Mérida and El Gran Teatre del Liceu. He has performed for television movies and series of TVC, TVE and Antena3 TV as El tiempo entre costuras, Jet Lag, No estás sola, El cor de la ciutat or Mirall trencat.





Montse Ribadellas

Montse started her career after she graduated at Escola d'Actors de Barcelona acting school in 1978. Since then, she has participated in several acting courses and workshops and has worked in theatre, television and cinema.

Some of her latest projects she has gotten involved in are the theater plays El torturador arrepentido of Carlos Salem, El bon malalt directed by Luis Elies, La Pluja by Helena Gràcia and the bittersweet comedy Molta Merda! by Jaume Nadal. In television, she worked on the series Dejate de vu of Xavier Garcia and Xofre Blesa. Recently, she played main roles on Joan Frank Charanssonet films as Regression Post Panic Film, Ànima and Doctrina.







Enric Cervera Ral

Enric started his career when the 1960's Independent Theatre wave and graduated at the Barcelona Theatre Institute in 1974. He debuted in TVE Catalunya with Pell vella al fons del pou of Manuel de Pedrolo, directed by Roger Justafré and started his career on the big-screen with La ciutat cremada by Antoni Ribas. In 1975, he debut in the Professional Theatre with Mixtura indiscretament mòbil of Manuel de Pedrolo in Teatre Capsa de Barcelona theatre. He has written several plays and has adapted and translated different projects for theatre. From 1989 to 2009, he also worked as an editor for magazine Entreacte and other publications of the Professional Actors Association of Catalonia.